17 Captivating Facts about Diamonds

Oh, the perfect beauty of a diamond! The diamond, in its uniqueness, is a symbol of purity, of love and fidelity, and the expression of strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness towards the one you love.
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Diamond Ring Shopping on Valentine's Day

As many would suggest, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to pop the most romantic question that would end in a happy engagement. This means that by February 14th you need to be prepared with the perfect diamond ring your girlfriend can’t say ‘no’ to.
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The New Year Story Begins With a Diamond

Everyone’s making a big deal about New Year’s Eve. The celebration of a passing year and e new one coming seems to be like the greatest party people get ready for. But what’s the big deal anyway? According to many people it’s just a night like any other.
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All I Want for Christmas is a Dream Diamond Jewelry

If you want to keep the tradition of giving a classic gift to your loved one this Holiday Season, there’s nothing more classic than a diamond jewelry that can be treasured for generations. You can never go wrong with a genuine dream diamond jewelry that will give the festive Holiday season that extra spark, glitz and glamour.
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Special Occasions to Show Off Your Diamonds

If you are one of those lucky ladies who own one or more pieces of diamond jewelries than you know what an amazing feeling it is to wear your diamonds. Whether it’s just your diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry, your diamond have a unique way to make you feel special and fabulous.
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The Perfect Diamond Gifts for That Special Lady in Your Life

Just in case you are thinking of buying her a new diamond rings, then a beautiful colorful cocktail ring is one of the options to consider; especially if she’s a real fashionista. If she’s a trend-setter and she likes her jewelry to be one of a kind, then definitely consider custom order diamond jewelry...
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