17 Captivating Facts about Diamonds

Oh, the perfect beauty of a diamond! The diamond, in its uniqueness, is a symbol of purity, of love and fidelity, and the expression of strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness towards the one you love.

Although we know the diamond is the first choice for engagement rings, and it is gorgeous in earrings or as a pendant, there is quite a lot to this fancy stone’s history that you may have never heard of.

17 Captivating Facts about Diamonds

Here are seventeen fascinating facts about diamonds you may want to know:

  • Diamonds are billions of years old; in some cases more than three billion years old.
  • According to the ancient Greeks diamonds were splinters of stars that has fallen to the earth.
  • Diamonds are created in a rainbow of colors, depending on the minerals that are present as it is formed.
  • Diamonds are known as symbols of strength, courage and invincibility.
  • On average a diamond will lose about 50% of its original weight when it is cut and polished.
  • The word “diamonds” comes from the Greek word “adamas”, which means “unconquerable and indestructible.”
  • Many ancient cultures believed that diamonds gave the wearer strength and courage during battle, and some kings wore diamonds on their armor as they rode into battle.
  • After being mined, diamonds are sorted into three categories, which are gem quality, industry quality, and boart (used as an industrial abrasive).
  • A diamond is four times harder than the next hardest material on the scale – Sapphires, Corundum and Rubies.
  • Diamonds are the very hardest natural substance. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.
  • The first known use of a diamond engagement ring took place in 1477, when Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring featuring an M spelled out in diamonds.
  • The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is taken from the early Egyptian belief that the vein of love (vena amoris) runs directly from the heart to the top of that finger.
  • The largest cut diamond is the Great Star of Africa – 530 carats.
  • A rough diamond looks so similar to a pebble that most people will just pass it by without giving it a second look.
  • The largest diamond ever discovered weighed 3106 carats.
  • To produce a single one-carat diamond, 250 tonnes of earth needs to be mined, which is a testament to just how precious and rare diamonds are.
  • Diamonds form approximately 200km beneath the surface of the earth and are pushed to the surface in a matter of moments by volcanic eruptions.

Well, it’s clear that the diamond’s legacy is long, it’s history wide and fascinating, and its attraction is limitless.

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