Celebrity Diamonds Lose Their Luster, Too...

Celebrity Diamonds Lose Their Luster, Too...

Generally speaking, celebrities on all levels wear diamond earrings on a daily basis. Whether big diamonds or small diamonds, diamond earrings are the ideal accessory and continue to be very much in style.

But, with constant wear, even celebrity diamond earrings may lose their luster and the truth is no diamond looks as good if you cannot see them sparkle from across the room. Depending on where diamond earrings are worn and how often they are included in all that you do, earrings are predisposed to losing their luster. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that all of the hair products, oils from fingers that touch their hair and ears, etc, can actually build-up on their diamonds. Also, if the diamonds are worn in the shower, the products that you use to clean your body, like body wash and shampoo, can cause build up on your diamonds.

The same thing goes for diamond rings (engagement ring or other), they can find themselves quickly losing their luster, especially if they are worn day after day. And, the fact is that most women wear their diamond engagement rings on a daily basis. Although quite often many celebrities wear other diamond rings that they like, a majority of them only wear additional diamonds for special occasions - this helps to keep them as clean and shiny as possible. Also, the bigger the diamond, the faster it loses its luster.

Celebrity Diamonds Lose Their Luster, Too...

Another popular type of diamond jewelry that celebrities like to wear, that can quickly lose its luster, is the diamond necklace - varying in style, from solid diamond pendants to shapes, like crosses and hearts.

The size of diamonds in the necklace and the frequency with which the jewelry items are worn are factors that determine how fast the diamonds lose their luster. If a celebrity wears a necklace with larger diamonds, the number of times that they are touched and what touches them will both be determining factors.

So, it’s a great idea to take your diamonds – regardless of what kind of setting they have - to a jeweler occasionally to get the diamonds and the gold or platinum polished. Also, you’ll be able to get the settings checked to confirm that your diamonds are solidly locked in place.

Although diamonds are meant to last a lifetime, you should take great care of your diamonds, by taking them off while cleaning or getting ready for your day, and making sure to clean them on a regular basis.

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