Color Coordinate Stylish Jewelry with Clothes

Every now and then we all get to experience the difficulty of choosing the right jewelry for that “perfect” outfit - especially since some colors are more difficult to coordinate than others.

Color coordinating is the most important part of your fashion sense. It’s easily noticeable that people, who have great style and good taste in the way they dress, usually know the current fashion color trends as well. They know the right season to wear green or when to pull off whites… Fashion is all about colors and how you use the colors with other items in your outfit in order to provide the best possible results.

Fashion jewelry for women comes in many colors and materials. However, keep in mind that every color is not complimented by every kind of jewelry. If we leave out casuals completely and discuss only formal clothes like gowns, dresses or sarees then the question of color coordinating becomes even more pertinent.

Color Coordinate Stylish Jewelry with Clothes

So, let’s take a look at color coordinating fashion jewelry for women:


White is one of the most difficult colors to carry off to perfection. A majority of people have this rather awful misconception that pearls look good when wearing white. An exquisite pearl pendant with your wedding dress? Yes. But otherwise, definitely no. However you can opt to wear gold with white or even silver, it depends on the trimming of your clothes. Even large beads and unusual colors go well with white, again depending on the type of dress you are wearing.

Blue & Green

The most fashionable jewelry for blue and green colors would be pearls. You can wear your patent string of pearls safely with every blue and green outfit you have and it will look sophisticated. Wear pearl pendants, necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets - whatever you desire with your blue and/or green outfits.


The bright red is actually an easy color to match stylish jewelry with. Know that the one color that will never fail you with red is green. So, bring out your emeralds next time you want to wear that stunning scarlet gown. Red as we know is a very provocative color so keep the jewelry minimal unless it’s a really grand occasion like a wedding.


The always in fashion black is a quite neutral color as far as fashion color trends are concerned. When wearing black, choose to wear trendy jewelry of an assortment of colors. You could wear multi-colored bangles or a rainbow colored necklace. But never forget, diamonds will always look stunning on black.

So be aware of these basic fashion tips about color coordination and focus on creating an image that is uniquely you!

What tips do you use to color coordinate jewelry with your clothes? Share with us!