Engraving Your Wedding Bands - A Wonderful Idea...

Engraving Your Wedding Bands - A Wonderful Idea...

Why is it a great idea to engrave your wedding bands? Well, engraving your wedding bands could be a wonderful way to carve your love and commitment to your future spouse in precious metal.

So, in case you have decided that you want engraved wedding bands but you’re not sure what you want them to say, you could consider some of these great options:

Initials, names, and dates

A simple and classic option a lot of couples like is to include their initials and the date of their wedding on the inside of their wedding bands. However instead of just engraving your wedding date, you could also consider choosing to engrave the date you met, or the date of some other special relationship moments. Or you could even opt to engrave your loved one’s first or middle name on the inside of your ring, and yours on his ring.

Sayings and quotes

Engraving Your Wedding Bands - A Wonderful Idea...

Sometimes you may run across a quote that expresses how you feel for your future spouse. Other times the best engravings are simple expressions like: "I do", "You and I", or "You are my love". Of course, depending on the size of your ring, you could also opt for a longer saying or quote, like: "Love conquers all", by Virgil, etc.

Connected sayings, first band to second band is an awesome idea as well. In case the quote you really like is too long or you’ve discovered a saying that has two parts, think about placing half of the line on your band and the other half on your partner’s. This could be a great way to show that you make each other complete. A simple example could be: "To infinity..." (first band) "...and beyond" (second band).

Foreign sayings?

Yes, why not? If a language other than your primary one has special meaning to you as a couple, think of an expression that is very special to you and engrave it in that language. Make sure though, that you are 100% sure that the words you are engraving mean what you think they do.

Religious verse

In case you and your loved one are people with spiritual beliefs, you may want to consider engraving a saying that reflects your beliefs. Some classic options could be: "Love is kind". (1 Corinthians 13:4) or "My lover is mine, and I am his" (Song of Solomon 2:16), etc.

Engraving Your Wedding Bands - A Wonderful Idea...

Personal sayings or nicknames

In many relationships people are using private nicknames, or there may be a favorite saying you always use between the two of you – so choosing to immortalize it on your wedding bands may turn out to be a great idea.

However, if you would prefer an engraving that is slightly more intricate than a simple saying, consider custom designing your wedding bands - the custom design process gives you the freedom to create a gorgeous, unique ring.

Things to remember when choosing to engrave your wedding bands

Engraving Your Wedding Bands - A Wonderful Idea...
  • Engraved wedding rings may take a little bit longer to be delivered.
  • In most cases the wedding bands can’t be returned, exchanged, or resized.
  • Not every ring can be engraved, especially those that are very thin or are highly contoured.
  • The number of characters that you can use is determined by the size of your finger. Smaller fingers and rings allow less characters, while larger rings allow a longer saying.
  • Keep in mind that you will be wearing these rings for decades, hopefully until you are wrinkled and gray. So think hard about whether you’ll still love those words as much when you’re 80 as you do today.
  • Always carefully double check the spelling of what you want engraved. The engraver won’t necessarily know what you meant to say, so ensuring that the right thing gets engraved on the rings is really up to you.

Would you/did you engrave your wedding bands? Share with us what you would choose/chose to engrave your wedding bands with, we would love to see some ideas!