How to Select the Appropriate Jewelry for a Job Interview

It is important to select the appropriate clothes and accessories for your job interview. Presenting yourself professionally is both expected and mandatory in order to create a positive first impression with your potential employer.

How to Select the Appropriate Jewelry for a Job Interview

Dress code for job interviews does not end with just the basic rules though. One of the biggest dilemmas is whether or not to wear jewelry to an interview, and the answer is: yes. Job interview jewelry can complement your outfit and improve your appearance, however it can also harm your job interview if you do not select the proper jewelry.

When going to an interview the style you adopt should be more conservative. Close attention to how you present your body image can make or break your chances of getting a job. But, we understand that the difficulty starts when choosing the type of jewelry you should wear when heading to that very important meeting. Pick the wrong style or the wrong placement; then the interviewer may be more distracted by your jewelry than thinking about your wonderful business qualifications.

Women have endless options, which is why they can potentially make a lot of mistakes when picking interview jewelry. The best advice would be to remain neutral, classic, and elegant. Keep your jewelry choices simple and to a minimum of one piece per placement.

One of the most agreeable ways to show off a professional manner with a conventional business suit is to place a pin on the lapel. It draws the eyes up towards the neckline and gives your face more attention. It should have no motif that means anything to anyone, and just be a classic design. If you don’t want to use a pin, try a set of pearls for the same effect.

Avoid noisy jewelry pieces such as bracelets that can clang and interrupt the conversation. Even too many necklaces can draw attention to the breasts, instead of to your face, where it belongs.

Always keep in mind that the jewelry you are wearing is to help highlight your professionalism, not your body type.

You can also opt to wear fashion watches, which are professional in appearance as they highlight your desire for punctuality and precision. Choose watches that are thin and discrete as you wouldn’t want them banging into things and making noise during the interview.

The bottom line is, just like you want your clothing to fit perfectly, you want your jewelry to look like it was custom-fit to your frame and outfit. Anything that is way too big, loose, or untidy is just going to give the impression to the interviewer that you aren’t a very well organized individual.

How do you prepare for an interview? Do you wear any specific type of jewelry? Share with us as we want to know your opinion.