Important Rules When Choosing Jewelry

Important Rules When Choosing Jewelry

Although purchasing jewelry may seem like an easy task, many people find it quite difficult and overwhelming. In order to avoid the stress and find a piece that fits you perfectly, you need to be aware of some basic rules when choosing jewelry.

It’s a good idea to define what piece of jewelry you want, before you go to the store. Choosing an item in advance will protect you from purchasing something too expensive, too trendy or that simply isn’t fitting for you. Sometimes it can be much easier to define a desired piece of jewelry at home. So check out some online jewelry you may be interested in. You will also be able to see which piece fits your budget best.

Therefore, while choosing your jewelry make sure to pay attention to certain issues, like:

  • Think about the situations you are planning to wear this piece of jewelry: whether it will be for every day or only for celebrations.
  • Think about your desires. Don’t rush into anything as you may regret making an impulsive purchase.
  • Choose the style of the piece of jewelry. Think about whether it fits your way of life and your clothes.
  • If you want to purchase a bracelet or a ring, you will need to pay attention to its size. Obviously, if it is too big, you may later reduce its size at the jeweler, however keep in mind that this will not work with every piece of jewelry - especially if it has a complex pattern, or materials.

Before going to the store, get informed about the basic terms:

  • Hallmark is a stamp made on a jewelry which proves the purity of materials.
  • The Four C’s are the terms for Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color.
  • Remember to choose only reputable jewelry stores. Check the list of them at the American Gem Society or other trustworthy sources. This will protect you from purchasing defective items.
  • Ask about the policy on refunds and warranties before purchasing any piece of jewelry.

What rules do you have when choosing/purchasing your jewelry? Share with us in the comments below.