The Best Way to Start Your Pre-Holiday Shopping

November is already here and I can’t help thinking that the Holidays are just around the corner.

Inevitably your mind slips to thinking about presents and wonderful surprises you should prepare for your family and friends and wondering about their surprise for you... Do you know the feeling? ☺

The truth is that if you have been planning to offer the most special gift for your loved one, or a special friend then there’s no better time - to express your feelings and show you care - than the Holidays.

Also, there are times when you just have to stop, take a deep breath and acknowledge what a special and unique person you are, appreciate yourself and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy special moments this Holiday season. You deserve what’s best and your loved ones deserve the best. So what’s that one special gift that makes everyone happy for the Holidays? It’s precious time spent together. Right?

But what should be that one special present wrapped under the Christmas tree? Let me make a suggestion: it’s something everyone needs and everyone loves – a gorgeous watch. One can always enjoy getting a brand new, stylish watch that perfectly complements a fabulous holiday outfit.

The Best Way to Start Your Pre-Holiday Shopping

Now, how would you feel to know that a unique valuable gents or ladies watch can be yours to win for the Holidays?

This year the Bashinski Fine Gems & Jewelry team is determined to make your Holidays special and has prepared a pre-holiday giveaway contest on their Facebook page. It’s not the first time they have such contests and I can tell you that every time they prepared giveaway contests, the items they were giving away were absolutely amazing. This year they have two gorgeous items prepared that consist of a gents and a ladies watch. I can tell you that they look absolutely fantastic not to mention their quality. Anyone would be lucky to be the happy winner of one of these watches. The steps are very simple, it’s all about 'Liking' and 'Sharing' their contest and entering the giveaway contest.

So, while making the list with what should be the perfect gift for your loved ones, make sure to enter the contest at Bashinski, too – you may be the lucky winner of a fabulous watch, a watch you can keep for yourself and enjoy it or offer it as the perfect holiday gift to a best friend, family member or spouse. Whatever you choose it’ll be worth winning!

Enjoy your planning, your shopping and most of all best of luck at winning one of these gorgeous Bashinski watches! ;) This is a great way to start your pre-holiday shopping!

P.S. To find out more about the contest, visit their website, at: and Facebook Page, at: