Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant

Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant/Bashinski Diamond Pendant

Women love diamonds, there’s no secret in that – so if you love a woman and want to make her happy, make sure to surprise her with a diamond pendant. A diamond pendant makes a perfect gift in many occasions, such as celebrating marriage anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, celebrating the day you first met your girlfriend, newborn baby in the family, etc.

Pendant is considered as one of the most beautiful accessories and it is generally attached to a golden or diamond jewelry. A diamond pendant has a great deal of appeal to it, so if you are planning to purchase a diamond pendant, here are few tips that will make your shopping experience simpler and better.

Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant/Bashinski Diamond Pendant

The Occasion

The occasion makes a big difference as it will help you decide whether you want the diamond pendant to go with a bracelet or a necklace.

The Type

It’s important to figure out the type of diamond pendant you would like to offer as a special present. There are practically 3 types, which are the diamond pendant locket, the diamond pendant necklace, and the diamond pendant diamond shape.

Number of diamonds

When buying a diamond pendant, you need to decide on whether you want to buy a pendant with a solitaire or with multiple diamonds. Obviously, the cost will be directly proportional to the number of diamonds in the pendant.


Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant/Bashinski Diamond Pendant

There are several types of styles that are available when it comes to diamond pendants. The most popular style though is the diamond cross pendants, which have been made very popular by fashion designers across the world.

The 4Cs

Additionally, when purchasing a diamond pendant, you need to check for the 4Cs that are: cutting, color, clarity and carat weight.

Diamond Cutting

The diamond cutting closely relates to the brilliance of the diamond of a pendant. The better the cutting and polishing is, the more sparkling the diamond shall be.

Diamond color

Tips to buy a Diamond Pendant/Bashinski Diamond Pendant

The most precious diamonds are those colorless and high clarity ones. Due to their scarcity, they generally are much more expensive. The quality of diamonds differs from products to products. For some diamond products, they will have diamond certificates issued by authorized organization like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to prove their qualities. The color grading can be from D to Z.

Diamond Clarity

It is always recommended that you would buy a diamond that has an optimum clarity. The higher the clarity the better the quality and the more expensive it will be as well. To observe the clarity of a diamond, try to look into the diamond closely. In case you find inclusions, spots or bubbles then the diamond probably has lower clarity. Generally for the diamond 30 points or below, the clarity will not affect the appearance of the diamond very much. As far as the clarity grading goes: Flawless/ Internally flawless (FL/IF), Very Very small inclusions 1/2 (VVS1/2), Very small inclusions (VS1/2), Small inclusions 1/2/3 (SI1/2), Inclusions1/2/3 (I1/2/3).

Carat weight of the diamond

Since diamond is a natural forming resource, due to the environmental constraint, it is very hard for a large diamond to be formed. The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. The higher the weight, the larger the carat, and the more expensive the diamond will be.

Diamond is the purest form of showing love and affection for someone who is dearest to you – so find the perfect diamond jewelry and make someone feel adored and truly special.

What type of pendants are your favorite? And, have you ever given a pendant as a present to someone you love? Share with us in the comments below.

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