Why You Should Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box

Believe it or not Spring is here again so if you are thinking of Spring cleaning, make sure your jewelry box gets the annual deep cleaning, too.

Your jewelry box could be hiding some surprises so you may want to take a look at it when done with your closets and other drawers. So, let’s see what you can do:

Beautiful diamond jewelry from Bashinski
Why You Should Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box
Beautiful diamond jewelry from Bashinski

Find the right storage solutions

In case you don’t have a jewelry box or other storage system that can keep you jewelry organized, then it’s time you get one. Having your jewelry in one place, well organized will save you a lot of valuable time when trying to get ready for work in the morning or preparing for a special event and are searching for those perfect earrings you just have to wear.

When you are shopping for a jewelry box though make sure there are separate compartments in varying sizes to hold earrings, necklaces and bracelets. If one box won’t hold your stash, there are larger jewelry boxes that will work perfectly.

If you don’t have enough space for those options, choose freestanding or wall-hung mirrors that hinge open like a thin medicine cabinet, providing the perfect space for your jewelry collection. Another awesome idea is to purchase drawer organizers and use one of your dresser drawers to store your jewelry.

Beautiful diamond jewelry from Bashinski

Clean and organize

Find the time to go through your collection. You should also consider making a list of your jewelry as it can be an essential information for insurance claims in case of disaster or theft. Digital photos are a great idea as well.

Check each piece of jewelry you own to see if any of them need some sort of repair - check the clasps and fasteners. Take your engagement ring - or any other piece where prongs hold a diamond or gem - to be cleaned and checked for looseness or damage. Usually, when it comes to engagement rings, the store it came from will do the maintenance for free or a low cost.

When you are done separating what needs to be repaired, take a good look at what you have left. If there is something that you haven’t worn, and will probably never wear try to decide what to do with it. It may help to take into consideration the following:

  • Value - if it is a valuable jewelry, you can consider taking it to a consignment shop and have them offer it for sale for you. Also, if you’re comfortable on eBay, you can auction it.
  • The possibility of being repurposed or redesigned into something you would wear - if you own a significant stone or stones, think of whether for instance a ring you don’t like might become a pendant you do like. Jewelers can work with you to help achieving what you’d like and enjoy wearing.
  • Sentimental value or heirloom – just put it aside, there may be someone in your family who will want it and love it as is.

Figure out what you need and get it

Once you have managed to select the jewelry that need repairs and the ones you want to discard, take a look at what’s left. If there’s something you don’t have but you’d really like, then the good news is that you have just created plenty of space for it. So at your next visit at the jewelry store when you take things in for repair, take a look around and fill up that jewelry box again with the new jewelry you really want to have and wear this spring! ☺

Enjoy the spring cleaning and enjoy your new jewelry items! Spring calls for renewing and so does your jewelry box! ☺