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Why Do Women Desire Diamonds?

What do you need to know about diamonds

The Symbolism and Mythology of Diamonds


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Emerald Jewelry - The Best Addition to Your Spring Fine Jewelry Wardrobe

With spring just around the corner (and with spring-cleaning the wardrobe in mind), most ladies are surely thinking of new acquisitions in the fine jewelry wardrobe, too. And what better gem to represent spring than emeralds?! Read More

17 Captivating Facts about Diamonds

Oh, the perfect beauty of a diamond! The diamond, in its uniqueness, is a symbol of purity, of love and fidelity, and the expression of strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness towards the one you love. Read More

The Meaning of Giving a Key Pendant Gift

In key symbolism keys represent knowledge and success. They can open doors that are closed to other than the key holder. The key also symbolizes of freedom and liberation. Read More

Diamond Ring Shopping on Valentine's Day

As many would suggest, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to pop the most romantic question that would end in a happy engagement. This means that by February 14th you need to be prepared with the perfect diamond ring your girlfriend can’t say ‘no’ to. Read More

Valentine's Day Diamonds & Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you are planning the perfect, most romantic Valentine’s Day marriage proposal, then you better be prepared. But first thing’s first, you need to have that dream engagement ring she can’t say 'No' to. And we can help you with that. Read More

The Actual Reason People Buy Diamond Jewelry

Ever wonder why people love to purchase diamond jewelry? Well, according to studies, there are multiple reasons, and here are few of them. Have a look: Read More

A Simple Guide on How to Match Jewelry with Your Skin Tone

If you have found yourself in the situation where you like a certain jewelry piece and when you try it on the results don’t match your expectations, then this guide is for you. Read More

Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

Fashion, trends, must-haves - all terms we are very used to nowadays. There’s always something someone thinks is a must-have and there’s always some sort of trend you need to be following in order to keep up with fashion and be in the right spotlight. Read More

The New Year Story Begins With a Diamond

Everyone’s making a big deal about New Year’s Eve. The celebration of a passing year and e new one coming seems to be like the greatest party people get ready for. But what’s the big deal anyway? According to many people it’s just a night like any other. Read More


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