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Which Jewelry Reflects Your Personality

One of the simplest factors in determining what type of jewelry best suits you is the type of activity you do. If you are continually using your hands for different activities, such as rock climbing for instance, or painting, then rings or bracelets may not be the best choice of designer jewelry for you.
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How to Wear Ruby Jewelry in a Stylish Way

The right piece of jewelry can just make an outfit. And when it comes to rubies, these work well with a great variety of colors. Rubies come in various colors, which makes them even more attractive to wear.
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Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

Fashion, trends, must-haves - all terms we are very used to nowadays. There’s always something someone thinks is a must-have and there’s always some sort of trend you need to be following in order to keep up with fashion and be in the right spotlight.
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