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DIAMOND - The traditional birthstone of April

The April birthstone – diamond - symbolizes affection, strength, eternity and of course, everlasting love. For those who are born in the month of April, the diamond is certainly the most radiant and desired gemstone.
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As most of you already know, diamonds are a classic Valentine's Day gift, however if you aren't ready to give a diamond ring, or if you've already given your sweetheart several diamond rings, consider diamond earrings. Diamond earrings represent the perfect gift that's sure to impress any woman on this most romantic holiday, regardless of whether the special lady in your life is your wife of 15 years or your girlfriend of five months.
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Diamond Jewelry Basics Every Woman Should Have

Surely you have heard that jewelry plays a great role in fashion and obviously in women’s lives. But what type of jewelry makes us stand out and make a statement? Well, the truth is that the best statement is made by jewelry worn with confidence and pleasure. Also, there are some Jewelry basics every woman should have in her arsenal of secret weapons.
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Why Buy Fine Jewelry

Nowadays women have become more comfortable with purchasing their own jewelry. Of course, when it comes to buying fashion jewelry, things are quite easy. Fashion jewelry is generally inexpensive and ladies often buy such jewelry on impulse. You are also very much aware that this type of jewelry isn’t a 'forever' piece.
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